Year Round Garden & Renson Canopy

Here’s a completed project from earlier in the year, which has allowed our client to make the most of his weekends, regardless of the weather. In line with the client’s goals, this garden was specially designed so it can be used all year round all day long.

For this purpose, we’ve installed a beautiful Renson canopy with a fully adjustable roof that allows you to let in as much sunlight as desired and, provides shelter from the rain when required. Furthermore, we have added built-in lights and heaters for when it gets chilly and extra garden lights to give a pleasant ambience when it gets dark.

If you’re up to a barbecue later in the evening there is even a stylish “kitchen” area surrounded by a wooden high fence.

For improved performance, we’ve decided that the final push on planting should wait until autumn which is when we’ll pay another visit to this stunning property. If you are based in Wellingborough and require landscaping or garden project work then we are more than happy to help.