Garden Design & Planning in Northampton

When creating a bespoke garden, the design and planning stages are vitally important to ensure that the customer is satisfied upon completion of the project. To begin the design process, our friendly garden landscapers will visit you at your property, whether that be in Northamptonshire, Leicestershire, or further afield in the East Midlands. You will then be able to show us the space that you would like us to reinvigorate and inform us of any ideas that you may have for the area.

Our expert designers have a vast knowledge of materials, plants, site conditions and much more and will be able to offer any suggestions or alternative ideas based on what they have heard and seen at this consultation.

Before we go and produce a plan for you, we will then measure the site to make sure that the customer’s ideas are possible within the space provided and to also ensure that any existing features that are to be kept are clearly marked out. Once all of these steps have been completed, we can go back to the drawing board to create a plan based on our discussion and your budget and requirements.

The plan will show all elements of the design and their location, whether this is seating areas, terraced areas, plants and shrubbery and even garden lighting. We will always ensure that you are one hundred percent happy with the design before the work begins, and amendments can be made at this point if needed.

Inspiration and Ideas

If you can’t quite picture exactly how you’d like your garden to look, or if you’re really stuck for any ideas at all, we offer a case study collection to showcase our previous work. This can help to provide inspiration when discussing the more detailed aspects such as planting and paving. As for customers who already have their design ideas, at the end of the consultation, we will have a layout to take back and work on before creating the final outline and planting plan.

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