How to Get Your Garden Looking Great In Winter

As the winter months are fast approaching so many of us will be looking out onto our gardens in despair; how has it gone from a beautiful summer paradise filled with colour to a baron wasteland devoid of life in a matter of weeks? Here at Eden Landscapes, we’re expert garden designers in Milton Keynes and we know the secrets of keeping your garden looking great all year round.

It’s all in the Planning

When we’ve decided that it’s high time we gave our garden a makeover, a lot of us will race off to the nearest garden centre and buy a whole host of beautiful flowering plants; our gardens will be an explosion of colour in no time! Unfortunately, your garden will likely only stay that way for a matter of weeks.

Choose plants that will add colour to your garden during the winter while everything else lies dormant. Why not try:

–    Viola Tricolor: the colourful plant will flower in the autumn and even in the winter.

–    Lily of China: a beautiful plant that forms dark green leaves and bright red berries in the winter months to give your garden a splash of ‘Christmassy’ colour.

–    Snowflake: as the name suggests this is a frost-hardy plant with white blossoms during the winter months and pink blossoms in the summer.

Variety Is the Spice of Life

Don’t rely on flowers to make your garden beautiful or when winter rolls around you’ll be left with a dull, uninteresting garden. Create a water feature, make a rockery or put in a seating area; there are a whole host of options when it comes to your garden so don’t rely on flowers!

Let the Experts Help

Here at Eden Landscapes, we understand plants and how to combine textures, colours and cycles to create a changing but always beautiful garden. We use a variety of techniques from planting to water features to create an original garden with character that will look just as good in winter as it does in the summer.

If you’re sick of your garden looking lifeless in the winter then here at Eden Landscapes we can help. Why not contact us or visit our website for more information?