Top 4 Gardening Tips For This Summer

Gardens are high maintenance and they require care all year round. However, you will face a different set of problems depending on the season you are in. Since summer is now close by, we thought it would be a great opportunity to give you some tips to help you maintain your garden this summer.


As soon as soil temperatures rise in the spring or early summer, the weeds will start to emerge too. Weeds usually thrive in the summer months and get killed off when the frost hits again. However, summer is when you want your garden looking its best so you can spend time out there with guests. These are some tips to help you get rid of them:

  • Apply mulch to your soil to prevent the growth of weeds
  • If you want to remove weeds, it is best to do so after it rains so the soil is moist


A lot of plants will be blooming in the spring and summer months because of the heat. However, that heat also means it is crucial you keep watering them regularly. Keeping a schedule can make this easier or even adding a watering timer so it happens automatically. Did you know that the best time to water your plants is morning or late evening? This way the water will run down the soil and into the roots without too much of that water being lost due to evaporation.

Our top tips:

  • Create a watering schedule
  • Have automatic watering timers
  • Water in the morning or late evening


To ensure your plants grow to their full potential, fertilisers are used to ensure they get the nutrients they need. However, the timings of when you apply the fertiliser can be very specific to see optimum results. It is recommended that you apply fertiliser once in early spring, twice in summer and one more in late autumn. This will help your plants to boost their colour and condition, especially during those hot summer months.

  • Apply fertiliser 1 time between March and April depending on the weather
  • Apply fertiliser 2 times between May and July
  • Apply fertiliser 1 time between September and November

Pruning Shrubs

In early summer, it is time to prune any shrubs that flowered in spring. You want to be pruning any growth that has finished flowering along with any crossed or damaged branches. This will encourage the plant to put its energy into other areas of the plant so it can produce better and bigger crops. You may wonder which plants you should be cropping so here are some examples:

  • Spring flowering shrubs (lilac, philadelphus, deutzia)
  • Tender shrubs (abutilon, outdoor fuchsias, hibiscus sinosyriacus)
  • Fruit trees (apples, cherries, pears, plums)

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