Top Tips To Create The Perfect Outdoor Dining Area


Alfresco dining is one of life’s simple pleasures. Even though the UK weather isn’t always on our side, we find ways to make it work. After all, is there something better than sharing a delicious meal with friends and family in a beautiful setting? Of course not. The only thing that can make it better is enjoying those moments from the comfort and privacy of your home.

If you are looking for both creative and practical tips on how to create the perfect outdoor dining area you came to the right place. At Eden Landscapes, we believe that the outdoors of your home should be an inspirational space that you and your family can enjoy all year round. To help you achieve this we’ve put together a list of things you should consider on the planning stage.

Bring The Outdoors In With A Patio or Decking

Regardless of the size of your space, patios and decking are the perfect outdoor floorings to place your dining set. Furthermore, it allows you to create a trendy indoor-outdoor blend look if you choose to mimic the indoor flooring. Whether you opt for a patio or a decking area its entirely up to you. However, if you have wooden flooring indoors, decking is the most aesthetical option to blend the two together. Whilst if you have tiles we would recommend stone, cobble or other patio materials.


Go For Weather Resistant Furniture

Your garden furniture should be suitable to be left outdoors all year round. Luckily there are many materials that can withstand the UK’s weather conditions whilst creating a stunning and comfortable dining area.

Synthetic Rattan

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Sun & Rain Protection

A pergola not only makes for a visually interesting piece it also provides an airy and inviting space to relax and dine whilst offering shade and shelter from the rain, the sun, or the wind. Furthermore, climbers can be a beautiful addition to your pergola. Roses, clematis and honeysuckles are excellent climbers choices as they will train up and over the structure more easily.  


Take The Cooking Outside

Cooking al fresco can transform your dining gatherings. Outdoor kitchens are a trend that has slowly made his way to the UK and to other countries with cooler climates who also thoroughly enjoy this activity. We are not only talking about barbecues, but also pizza ovens, cocktail bars, sinks, storage and other kitchen styles that can give you the wow factor you are looking for.


Create The Perfect Ambient Lighting

You should be able to enjoy your garden all day long even after dark. Having a well-lit garden means not only that you’re social events don’t have to stop when the sun goes down but it also creates an instant ambience. You can also use it strategically to highlight particular design features in your outdoor dining area, creating all sorts of decorative effects.


Lastly, you should, of course, surround yourself of beautiful flowers and trees that marry the space style you have decided to go for. This final touch will breathe life into your project and make your garden look welcoming all year round.

To get your ideal outdoor dining area constructed & ready to enjoy the summer months and all year round get in touch with our specialist landscapers in Northampton and the surrounding areas. We will work with you from design to completion to make sure every aspect is as you envisioned.