Flowers and shrubbery are the finishing touches to any garden. Once they are introduced, they can light up a front or back garden with their beautiful colours, style, and the wildlife that they naturally attract. Unless you are a keen gardener, selecting the right plants might be a mystery, and that is where Eden Landscapes expert team can assist.

Soil Types

Knowing the soil types in your area is important when choosing which plants to introduce to your garden. Peaty soil has high acidity and sandy soil doesn’t hold many nutrients, but which plants can thrive in these conditions?

As we have worked across areas of Northamptonshire and Leicestershire for a number of years, we have good knowledge of the soil composition and qualities. This helps us to provide the best advice and plant choices to our customers.

Loamy soil, found across our coverage areas, has a slightly damp, fine texture and has perfect properties for gardening and shrubs. As it is moisture-retaining and full of nutrients, climbers and shrubs grow well. Most vegetable and berry crops are also a great choice if you like the idea of home-grown produce.

Vegetable crops are difficult to grow in clay soil, which is also found in our coverage areas, due to it’s cool and compact characteristics. However, summer crop vegetables such as cucumber and tomatoes can be high yielding. Shrubbery and fruit trees also do well on clay soils.

Enjoy Your Garden All Year Round

Our landscape gardeners will take guidance from you whilst providing suggestions of their own when drawing up a planting plan for your garden. We will take into consideration the soil types, sun direction and slopes of your garden when suggesting plant types and where to position them.

We have renovated, designed and constructed many natural spaces over the years and have developed a keen eye for which flowers go well together, and which will bloom at certain times of the year to make a garden look welcoming all year round.

For further advice and quotations, please call our friendly and helpful team on 01933 652 786 or send us a message from our online contact form.